Guardz Elevates the Cybersecurity Game for MSPs and IT Pros

The shift towards a digital-first world has revolutionized how we live and work, but it has also created new vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit. The potential consequences of a cyberattack can be catastrophic, especially for small to medium organizations, ranging from financial losses to damage to their reputation and loss of trust from customers. Guardz enables MSPs to help these businesses take control of their cybersecurity, and IT needs and manage their clients at scale.

Guardz is proud to announce the launch of its latest cybersecurity platform, designed to empower MSPs and IT professionals to secure and insure their clients in the most efficient and effective way.

Implementing cybersecurity within a business can be challenging, as it requires time and technical expertise to manage and monitor effectively. However, with the latest Guardz platform, MSPs can offer their clients a holistic, hassle-free, and cost-effective cybersecurity solution so these business owners and SMEs can focus on core operations while the professionals keep their data and networks secure.

Guardz provides automated threat detection and remediation across all attack vectors, including compromised data, employee negligence, cloud applications, web browsing, emails, and devices, protecting businesses from the inside out. MSPs can leverage the platform to seamlessly navigate and secure each client’s unique environment and security posture, automatically detecting and remediating issues from a multi-tenant platform, giving them complete visibility over their clients’ digital security. This way, MSPs can proactively identify and address potential threats before they can cause harm.

The platform’s real-time alerts provide MSPs with the ability to respond to threats swiftly and promptly. Set up has never been easier via API integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, streamlining the onboarding process to be effortless and typically accomplished in a matter of clicks.

Utilizing Guardz enables MSPs to effectively cut their costs by 75%, demonstrate their value to existing clients, attract new ones through accurate reporting and drive revenue through cyber insurance readiness and tailored coverage.

With the Guardz platform built for MSPs and IT pros, small and medium-sized businesses can rest easy knowing that their cybersecurity is in the best hands.

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