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The Essentials plan is ideal for small businesses looking to have basic cyber security in place. While it offers a baseline understanding of your current risk stature across all your digital business and activity – web monitoring, email, device etc.; it does not provide the dynamic protection required to minimize the impact of threats in real-time. Premium, on the other hand offers an active, real-time, preemptive, and automated approach to cyber security.

60% of small businesses close within six months of an attack. The reason attackers are increasingly targeting small businesses is that they are more exposed than enterprises which have high-grade security practices in place. And they have access to valuable data and information that is attractive to a cyber criminal. The result of a cyber attack on your business can mean financial loss, disruption of business continuity, or even having to close the business. Cybersecurity protects your data, devices, online identities, web browsing, apps from unauthorized use or malicious activity. It helps you to detect risks early and therefore either close or revoke access to prevent the attack, or remediate as quickly as possible with as minimal impact to your business.

No. The Essentials plan is absolutely free, and the Premium plan has a monthly per user fee. With the Premium plan, you can call our Customer Support any time, receive step-by-step guidance in the event of an attack, or ask any other question you may have. All are included in your Premium plan.

The first steps after a cyber attack are the most critical. With the Premium plan, you can instantly reach out to our field-leading cyber security experts. They will provide guidance at no additional cost.

Yes, of course. You can upgrade your Essentials or Premium plan to include more users anytime you need.

Any small or growing business in any industry and in most geographies.

Pricing is calculated per user – whether your employees are part-time or full-time, think in terms of headcount. Even if two part-time employees share the same computer, they have different browsing and email use habits, and should be monitored separately. It also gives you a manual playbook to refer to, in the event of a risk alert. The Premium plan gives you an automated way to solve these issues.

You can cancel any time.

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