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Due to the lack of resources, expertise, time, and training, SMEs are often unaware of what is happening behind the scenes regarding their external exposure.

With the Guardz non-intrusive external surface scan, MSPs can leverage it as a prospecting report to demonstrate the full extent of SMEs’ exposure across their digital footprint.

What Can You Gain as an MSP?

Demonstrate Value

Using before-and-after comparisons of clients’ digital footprints, MSPs can utilize the report to demonstrate their value regarding improved security and reducing risks.

Acquire New Clients

MSPs can showcase relevant insights from the external scan to potential clients, enabling them to make informed decisions and tailor their offering to win them over.

Expose Vulnerabilities

SMEs are often unaware of unseen risks; therefore, this report helps MSPs show current and potential clients the vulnerabilities in their digital footprint and propose tailored solutions.

Reflect Client's Cyber Status

The scan evaluates MSPs existing or prospective clients’ companies against industry benchmarks, providing a comprehensive understanding of their current position.

Reflect Client's Cyber Status

Discover External Risk Findings

Discover External Risk Findings

We focus on the vast discovery of external risk findings across three categories: Application, Network & IT, and Compromised Credentials. Each main category is carefully subdivided into more than 15 unique sub-categories, creating an all-encompassing, intensive risk assessment framework.

Insights from External Surface Scan

Gain broader insight into external risk findings and details of your MSP clients covering cyber exposure, assets, data vulnerabilities, and technologies that could be potentially exploited.

Insights from
External Surface Scan

Strengthen Brand Identity

Strengthen Brand Identity

Guardz enables MSPs to fully white-label the report, making it more visually appealing and engaging while showcasing the brand’s professionalism.

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Guardz stands out as the only SMB-grade, all-in-one, holistic cybersecurity solution that offers internal and external scans, awareness campaigns, insurance and more. While there are other players in the market, none offer the comprehensive suite of services that Guardz offers.

The Guardz platform could be your secret weapon to provide holistic cyber protection with a short time to revenue (TTR). We have a diversified revenue stream, including not only commission percentages, but also additional streams related to our digital marketing and insurance offerings.

Guardz offers sales and technical training to all MSPs, as well as a marketing library containing decks, one-pagers, videos, webinars, and more.

At Guardz, we maintain an agile approach and value the input and requests of both our managed service providers and clients.

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