Cyber Insurance Tailored for Your Business

With Guardz cyber protection, you check all the boxes for insurance readiness and access the right coverage at the right price

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance provides you financial coverage in case of a data breach involving sensitive information, ransomware, phishing or an attack that leads to business downtime, financial loss, legal fees and more.

Why is it so hard to qualify for?

To qualify for cyber insurance, you must meet complex security criteria underwriters rely on to evaluate the risks involved. Many times, this requires going to multiple vendors and losing precious time. Usually the price is exceptionally high and not covering what your business needs.

Guardz cyber solution delivers insurance readiness
and offers you affordable and tailored coverage.

0% complexity, 100% peace of mind
Get active protection across significant threat vectors and be automatically qualified for a cyber insurance policy.

All in one

One solution that includes a targeted set of top cyber protection and capabilities that are specifically in-demand by insurance companies, eliminating hurdles to getting insured.


In 3 simple steps, you can have Guardz assess your risk, start monitoring your assets and actively protect your business – opening the door to different insurance offers.

Incredible prices

Instantly get multiple tailored coverage offers to choose from, only through insurance companies carefully screened and vetted by Guardz.

Go from uninsured to fully protected & covered in minutes. Compare rates and choose a comprehensive policy friendly to your budget.

Guardz assess

Quick internal & external risk assessment and improve cyber posture

Guardz protect

Actively monitoring, detecting, preventing, alerting across all digital assets

Guardz insure

Get an accessible policy based on your unique risk posture and the coverage you need

Always on guard

Guardz continuously monitors and manages your cyber risk and alerts you when something goes wrong.

All-In-One Platform.