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Streamline cybersecurity by automating detection and response across user data, devices, emails, and cloud directories from a single pane of glass.

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Secure Clients Effectively

Guardz offers a holistic solution to safeguard your clients, employees, cloud applications, emails, and devices, all within a multi-tenant platform.

Boost Your Revenue

Attract new clients by demonstrating your reliability through efficient prospecting capabilities, accurate reporting, and complete coverage.

Show Immediate Value

Enhance your security offerings for your clients with just a click of a button to seamlessly demonstrate the value that you bring to the table as an MSP.

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Comprehensive and Unified Cybersecurity Platform

Give clients the confidence that their business is secure from the inside out and gain complete visibility into users’ cyber posture.

Guardz Understands Your Pain Points


The MSP market is highly competitive, which means MSPs need to demonstrate how their services can add value, improve efficiency, and streamline operations for their clients.


MSPs must invest in the right infrastructure, staff, and tools to deliver high-quality services to their clients, while also pricing their services in a way that is attractive to potential customers.

Vendor Management

Working with multiple cybersecurity vendors means dealing with different dashboards, contracts, pricing , training and upkeep costs, which is time-consuming to manage simultaneously.

Showing Value

Conveying the risk, exposure, and financial impact of cyber threats to clients who may not fully understand the potential threats is challenging for any MSP owner.

Complexity of Remediation

Dealing with security incidents and exposed elements may require a multi-step approach to remediation involving multiple stakeholders, systems, and tools.

Financial Risk

If your clients fall victim to a cyberattack, you may be held responsible for any damages that may have been caused. Guardz enables you to transfer the risk with cyber insurance coverage.

Here's What Neil Anderson, CEO of Bastion Networks, has to say about Guardz

“The key point for us is being able to deliver a comprehensive security solution…the ability of prospecting reports helps our go-to-market and helps demonstrate the potential value of the Guardz solution before clients sign up”.

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Secure Your Clients in the Most Effective Way

Leverage a comprehensive solution that protects your clients from all attack vectors, including email, endpoints, cloud data and posture, external exposure, leaked credentials, employee negligence, and web traffic, ensuring that your clients’ security is resilient to any threats that may come their way.

When it comes to managing multiple clients, it can be overwhelming to address every potential threat. Guardz enables you to seamlessly oversee and navigate your portfolio of clients’ threats, prioritize the most critical detections and remediate at the push of a button.

Centrally navigate the security of multiple clients, each with their unique environments and potential attack vectors, from a single platform, ensuring efficiency, better visibility, and consistency when securing your clients’ systems and data.

With one-click remediation and powerful integrations, even non-security experts can swiftly respond to cyber events and proactively ensure optimal security postures. 

Analyzing the current security risk of each user and digital asset helps identify trends or patterns across multiple clients in order to prioritize security efforts based on the areas that are most at risk.

Utilizing the underlying infrastructure of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, enables real-time connectivity to your cloud environment and facilitates the monitoring of user and data risk. 

The platform automatically sends real-time alerts when a threat is verified, or action is required—eliminating the clutter and false positives found in other point solutions.

Secure your clients
in the most effective way

Help MSPs thrive
and gain new clients

Help MSPs Thrive
and Gain New Clients

With just a single click, you can generate a report summarizing a potential client’s risk across their digital footprint. This information can be used to attract new clients with relevant points of interest, enabling you to make informed decisions and tailor your offering to win them over.

Guardz provides marketing support that you can leverage to sell your services and demonstrate your value to potential clients.

Guardz facilitates the adoption of cyber incident protection insurance for your clients while creating a new revenue stream for your MSP business.

Opt for the Guardz comprehensive standalone solution, or if your clients have existing security measures, you can select the relevant modules that are tailored to their needs. We work seamlessly with your clients’ existing security measures, providing an added layer of protection to keep their business secure from all angles.

Show Immediate Value
to Existing Clients

To showcase your value to clients in a way that is easily understood, the ROI report offers an overview of the potential financial impact of a cyber attack, employee exposure, and your clients’ cyber score compared to the industry benchmark. This helps demonstrate your effectiveness in safeguarding their business.

You can extract on-demand CSV reports that provide a comprehensive overview of all your clients’ risks. This report can be white-labeled to suit your branding requirements.

Guardz allows you to fully white-label the platform, enhancing your brand and making the reports more visually appealing and engaging. This can help improve the impact of your presentations to clients.

As a preventative and informative measure, you can send out customized cyber awareness campaigns to educate your clients regarding real-time and ongoing cyber threats so that they are less inclined to fall victim to an attack. 

Show immediate value
to existing clients

What Matters.

Email Security

Stay ahead of potential email threats by leveraging a user-friendly API-based email security solution.

Cloud Data

Enable cloud data protection to achieve a safe and secure data collaboration with external users

Cyber Awareness

Equip employees to be the first line of defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats

External Footprint

Gain actionable insights on external threats by scanning digital footprint and exposed vulnerabilities

Endpoint Security

Protect laptops, and desktops from cyber threats such as malware, and ransomware

Secure Browsing

Keep your browser secure with the Guardz extension for protection against viruses and malicious sites

Phishing Simulation

Continually simulating cyber attacks like phishing emails to highlight weak spots


Transfer the cyber risk associated with evolving cyber threats with tailored coverage at the right price

Don't Miss the Opportunity to Boost Your MSP Revenue

Add a new revenue stream to your business by offering your clients a comprehensive cyber protection and insurance solution.

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Save Over 50% of Your Cybersecurity Costs With Guardz

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Getting onboarded is quick and easy – it only takes a matter of minutes. Simply log in with your Google or 365 account, and you can start protecting your clients immediately. Adding a new client is also incredibly easy; just click a single button.

Guardz stands out as the only SMB-grade, all-in-one, holistic cybersecurity solution that offers internal and external scans, awareness campaigns, insurance and more. While there are other players in the market, none offer the comprehensive suite of services that Guardz offers.

The Guardz platform could be your secret weapon to provide holistic cyber protection with a short time to revenue (TTR). We have a diversified revenue stream, including not only commission percentages, but also additional streams related to our digital marketing and insurance offerings.

Guardz offers sales and technical training to all MSPs, as well as a marketing library containing decks, one-pagers, videos, webinars, and more.

At Guardz, we maintain an agile approach and value the input and requests of both our managed service providers and clients.

Holistic Protection.

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Holistic Protection.

Don’t Leave
Without Your Free
Cyber Risk Prospecting Report!

Discover the Power of Cybersecurity for Your MSP Growth.

Demonstrate the value you bring to the table as an MSP and gain visibility into your existing or potential clients’ external postures.

This guide provides you with innovative strategies and expert insights to elevate your MSP business, strengthen client trust, and stay ahead of ever-evolving threats.

Don’t Leave
Without Your Free
Cyber Risk Prospecting Report!

Discover the Power of Cybersecurity for Your MSP Growth.

Demonstrate the value you bring to the table as an MSP and gain visibility into your existing or potential clients’ external postures.

This guide provides you with innovative strategies and expert insights to elevate your MSP business, strengthen client trust, and stay ahead of ever-evolving threats.