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Phishing Protection

By combining email security, web browsing protection, perimeter posture and awareness culture in one native solution, businesses can efficiently safeguard against phishing threats, bolstering resilience and future-proofing their systems.

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The Rise of Sophisticated
Phishing Attacks Targeting SMEs

Fraudulent tactics in your inbox can expose you to deceptive techniques that cybercriminals use to manipulate unsuspecting victims. Phishing involves deceiving recipients into disclosing sensitive information through seemingly legitimate emails. Spear-phishing raises the bar by crafting tailored messages based on the target’s business intel, while whaling impersonates high-level executives to deceive lower-level employees presenting the potential for financial losses.

Malicious websites are a significant threat in the digital landscape, as they are specifically designed to compromise user’s devices, steal sensitive data, or exploit system vulnerabilities. Industry best practices dictates the behavior of software should be transparent and not be deceptive, exfiltrative, unpredictive, and/or difficult to remove. Malware, lurking in malicious ads, lures users to deceptive websites or automatically download malware once clicked.

Social engineering is a psychological method used by cybercriminals to exploit human trust and gain access to sensitive information. A common form of social engineering is phishing attacks, where attackers impersonate trusted entities via email, text, or phone calls with the intent to deceive individuals into revealing personal data.

Exposed services, such as open ports, misconfigured firewalls, and applications with vulnerabilities, enable hackers to infiltrate networks. Missing records, such as incorrect DNS records, missing SPF or DKIM records, and other configuration errors, can lead to phishing attacks, spoofing, and more, while while leaked credentials, found in data dumps and other lists on the dark web and pose a critical risk to employees and businesses if unchecked.

Let's Dive into
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Let's Dive into the Data

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Guardz Phishing Protection in Action

Continuous Scanning

Guardz continuously scans for all inbound traffic with advanced anti-phishing email protection solution

Automated Detection

Guardz initiates email detection through anti-phishing and anti-malware engines powered by AI.

Threat Quarantine

Risky emails will be removed from users’ inboxes and automatically sent to quarantine, where users will be able to see details and have the option to preview and restore.

Actionable Real-Time Alerts

Guardz monitors internet browsing to detect potential phishing attempts and delivers real-time alerts to system admins, enabling timely responses.

Active Awareness Training

The platform provides ongoing, active cyber awareness training for employees, fostering a culture of caution and vigilance.

AI Phishing Simulation

Utilizing cutting-edge generative AI, phishing simulation emails are crafted on the fly based on custom inputs, targeting groups of employees and reporting on pass/fail status. 

Guardz Phishing Protection in Action

Our solution is built on top of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 which means once you login with your company email, we will automatically connect to your IT environment and start monitoring your cyber risk while setting the right security policies in place. The onboarding journey includes 3 steps in which you will be asked to give Guardz basic permissions so that we not only stay on top of the data external to you, but also stand guard across all of the assets of your business.

Guardz Multilayered
Phishing Protection

Secure All Inbound Emails

Guardz streamlines email protection with its fully managed, cloud-based solution that eliminates manual setup and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace accounts. Leveraging advanced predictive analysis, global intelligence tools, and continuous updates, Guardz provides robust defense against multiple attack vectors.

High-risk emails are immediately placed into quarantine to programmatically remove the threat. Employees receive immediate warnings and recommended actions for potentially harmful emails, while IT admins can automatically flag and remove malicious messages.

Secure All Inbound Emails

Safeguard Web Browsing

Safeguard Web Browsing

The Guardz browser extension plays a vital role in safeguarding employees’ online security as they engage in their daily internet activities. Working seamlessly with the main platform, the extension actively monitors access to known malicious websites, web redirects to phishing sites, and continuously scans for unsafe browser extensions.

By offering real-time alerts and comprehensive website analysis, the Guardz browser extension empowers employees to make informed decisions and navigate the internet safely.

Active Risk Prevention

The Guardz external active risk monitoring offers an essential component to protect against phishing attacks by conducting an automatic external surface scan and dark web analysis. By assessing a business’s digital footprint, the solution identifies exposed services like missing DNS records (DKIM, DMARC, SPF), invalid chains of trust (TLS/SSL), leaked credentials, and potential business targeting.

Guardz ensures that employees’ and clients’ digital assets remain secure from targeted phishing attacks that take advantage of external vulnerabilities while preventing domain spoofing, hijacking or squatting that are key vectors for cybercriminal exploitation.

Active Risk Prevention

Building Awareness Culture

Building Awareness Culture

Guardz ensures up-to-date employee training by notifying admins of training status and recommending industry-standard best practices. Customizable campaign planning allows businesses to target specific users and meet company goals.

Phishing simulations help employees learn to avoid threats like ransomware and malware, while mandatory evaluations measure the impact of training.

AI Phishing Simulation

Leveraging generative AI, Guardz has moved beyond the static library approach, where users had to choose from a predefined list of emails. Now, our advanced technology enables you to generate custom content on the fly for each department based on unique guidelines.

The Guardz generative AI model is constantly trained and updated with the latest information on real-world phishing attacks, ensuring highly accurate simulations. This seamless approach ensures employees are aware and well-equipped to handle emerging threats.

AI Phishing Simulation

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Poor grammar or spelling errors, urgent or threatening language, requests for personal or financial information, unusual or mismatched email addresses or URLs, suspicious attachments or links, unexpected or unsolicited messages from unfamiliar sources.

While email filters can help catch some phishing emails, they are not foolproof in phishing protection. Attackers constantly adapt their techniques, making it challenging for filters to catch all phishing attempts. Therefore, it is essential to remain vigilant and not solely rely on filters for phishing protection.

If you receive a phishing email, take the following steps to protect against phishing attacks: Do not click on any links or download attachments to avoid falling victim to phishing attempts, do not reply or provide any personal information as it can be used against you, report the email as spam or phishing to your email provider to aid in phishing protection efforts, delete the email from your inbox to prevent accidental clicks on phishing links, If the email appears to be from a legitimate organization, contact them directly using official contact information to verify its authenticity.

Guardz offers cyber awareness training which includes Phishing Simulations , customized and schedules campaigns with the goal of educating employees and clients on how to be more vigilant and prevent falling victim to phishing attacks

If you’ve responded to a phishing email, take immediate action. Change your passwords with strong ones, scan your device with anti-phishing software, monitor accounts for unauthorized activity, report the incident, educate yourself on phishing techniques, and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added protection.

A phishing scam is a fraudulent attempt by cybercriminals to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by disguising themselves as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication, usually via email or text message.The attackers aim to trick the recipients into clicking on malicious links or providing personal information, which can then be used for identity theft or other malicious activities.

Whaling in cybersecurity is a highly targeted phishing attack aimed specifically at high-level executives, CEOs, or other senior management within an organization. Cybercriminals use social engineering techniques, detailed research about the target, and carefully crafted emails or messages to impersonate trusted individuals or organizations, aiming to manipulate the executive into revealing sensitive information or transferring funds to the attacker’s account.

A spear-phishing attack is a more targeted form of phishing, where cybercriminals customize their phishing emails to a specific individual or organization using personal information gathered from various sources, such as social media or previous data breaches. The goal of spear-phishing is to increase the chances of the target engaging with the malicious content, such as downloading an attachment or clicking on a link that leads to a fraudulent website.

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Don’t Leave
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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment!

Demonstrate the value you bring to the table as an MSP and gain visibility into your existing or potential clients’ external postures.