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Are you looking to build a safer digital future for your business or clients?

Guardz has got you covered with an all-in-one, hassle-free, cost-effective cybersecurity solution tailored for MSPs, IT pros, and business owners.

We holistically protect all business assets, including emails, cloud applications, devices, external exposure employee culture, browsers, and more, with our cutting-edge
and innovative technology.

Are you looking to build a safer digital future for your business or clients?

cybersecurity platform.

All-In-One Cybersecurity Platform.

Data & Identity

Frequent scanning of the dark web to identify leaked credentials and compromised data.

External Surface

Automated analysis of all the digital assets and continuous scanning for exposed services and vulnerabilities.

Cloud Apps

Implement cloud app security policies through risk identification and regulation compliance.


Provides your users with automated training sessions based on their current areas of weaknesses.

Web Browsing

Lightweight extension designed to browse quickly and securely. It will clean your clients browser, speed it up, and protect private information.


Actively protects Windows and Mac devices, monitors for unpatched apps, detects vulnerabilities, blocks malware and quarantine threats.

Email Protection

AI based phishing detection that integrates with your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace via rest API to actively monitor all inbound traffic and block malicious activity automatically.

All-In-One Platform.