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With Guardz, MSPs and SME clients can gain complete cyber protection, effectively transferring the risk with tailored coverage at the right price.

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What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance is a specialized policy designed to protect MSPs and SMEs from evolving cyberattacks, data breaches, and financial loss. Just like you insure your physical assets, your online presence deserves protection, too.

Your Holistic Solution
for Digital Risks

The struggle of all businesses to implement proper security measures often results in them not being eligible for cyber insurance quotes from existing providers.

Our deep integration in the insurance world has granted us access to invaluable real-world data about claims and security incidents, consequently allowing us to identify the main threats impacting small businesses today.

We have developed Guardz as an all-in-one solution to fend off these threats, combining our expertise in cybersecurity with our understanding of insurance processes to create a unique and optimized package for each client.

Unlock Cyber Insurance

Real-Time Protection

Quick and easy activation for real-time protection of internal and external digital assets with an accurate risk score and remediation plan

Tailored Coverage

A calculated premium price that is uniquely tailored to business needs according to the risk score ensures optimal cyber coverage

Seamless Integration

Guardz integrates cybersecurity technology with insurance coverage in a unified native solution for end-to-end protection

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Evolving Cyber
Threats Impacting SMEs

Sometimes, all it takes is just a single click from an employee on a malicious email or phishing link, and malware spreads across your systems leading to data loss and account compromise. This breach can open the door for a variety of evolving cyber threats, such as the following:

Evolving Cyber
Threats Impacting SMEs

Sometimes, all it takes is just a single click from an employee on a malicious email or phishing link, and malware spreads across your systems, leading to data loss and account compromise. This breach can open the door for a variety of evolving cyber threats, such as the following:


In the case of a phishing attack, an employee mistakes a fraudulent email for a genuine bank request asking for personal details gaining access to financial data


In the case of a ransomware attack, an employee clicks an email link, inviting ransomware that encrypts their data and demands cryptocurrency for its return

Data Loss

In the case of data loss, an employee downloads an unauthorized application that contains malware, resulting in the irreversible loss of company data

Account Compromise

In the case of account compromise, an employee's stolen personal device with work emails allows unauthorized access to sensitive company accounts

89% of Small Businesses
Believe They Need Cyber Insurance

What Does Guardz Cyber Insurance Cover?

Data Breaches

If client data is stolen or compromised, cyber insurance covers the costs of addressing the breach, notifying affected parties, and managing the fallout for SMEs.

Legal Expenses

In the event of a lawsuit resulting from a cyber incident, cyber insurance can cover the legal expenses, assisting SMEs in navigating the legal complexities.

Transfer Loss

If unauthorized fund transfers cause financial loss to SMEs, cyber insurance provides coverage for recovering lost funds and managing the aftermath.

Ransomware Attacks

If cybercriminals lock SMEs’ data until a ransom is paid, cyber insurance can cover the ransom cost and help the companies recover their data.

Investigations & Recovery

It also covers the costs incurred by SMEs in investigating the incident and implementing recovery measures to get business back on track.

Fraudulent Funds

When an SME loses money to fraud, cyber insurance covers the cost of refunding the lost funds and dealing with the fallout from the fraud.

Why SMEs Need it?

Rising Cyber Threats

In our digital age, cyber threats are on the rise, and small businesses are prime targets due to their vulnerabilities such as limited resources, budget, expertise.

Financial Safety Net

Cyber insurance serves as a safety net, ensuring that a cyber incident doesn’t devastate the SMEs finances, operations, or reputation.

Business Survival

It’s a crucial tool for business survival, as cyber risks are a genuine and growing concern as the reliance on technology grows.

Why SMEs Need it?

Our solution is built on top of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 which means once you login with your company email, we will automatically connect to your IT environment and start monitoring your cyber risk while setting the right security policies in place. The onboarding journey includes 3 steps in which you will be asked to give Guardz basic permissions so that we not only stay on top of the data external to you, but also stand guard across all of the assets of your business.

All-In-One Cybersecurity Built for IT Pros

Guardz’s holistic cyber solution secures and insures your business or clients against all most common attack vectors, including emails, devices, external exposure, cyber employee awareness, and more, giving you the peace of mind that your security is resilient and protected against any threats that may come your way.

Guardz takes advanced enterprise-level technology, democratizes securing your clients with our intuitive interface, and provides easy-to-use and automated playbooks that enable you to quickly detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats.

Save up to 75% of your cybersecurity costs. Guardz offers tailored security measures that combine essential security tools into a single platform, so that it aligns with your budget and needs, providing an efficient way to mitigate cyber risks without breaking the bank.

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Guardz provides cost-effective cybersecurity protection as well as insurance coverage for SMEs.

Cyber security refers to measures taken to reduce the chances of an attack being successful but in the event that an attack does become successful, that is when cyber insurance comes in to cover your business from the costs and fallout an attack can bring, preventing your business from going under financially and reputationally.

Cybercriminals target businesses based on their vulnerability, regardless of the number of employees. Safeguarding what you’ve painstakingly built is the core objective of cyber protection.

Cybercriminals often target your customer data, posing the question – how much is it worth to regain control of your business? Cyber insurance protection alleviates the worry of potentially losing the business you’ve worked hard to build due to a ransom demand. Similarly, there’s no need to stress over the costs of a data breach aimed at your customer data. Cyber insurance bears these costs up to the limit of your policy.

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