Powerful Cyber Solution for Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Discover how Guardz helps you to secure your clients, automate your work, and increase your revenue.

Discover how Guardz helps you to secure your clients, automate your work, and increase your revenue.

What’s in it for you?

Great security for your clients,
awesome revenue for you.

Why now?

Your small business clients are struggling with cyber security. Some assume they are too small to be a good target, others think antivirus software is all they need to adequately protect themselves from cyber-attacks. A growing number know the risks involved and want to be protected, but all they can find are enterprise-grade protections that are too complex and expensive.

It's time to talk cybersecurity with your small business clients

Wake your clients up to cyber protection before it’s too late. Offering them Guardz is easy and seamless.
Guardz will provide them comprehensive protection while giving you an extra source of income immediately and with zero complexity.

Everything your clients need in one solution

Guardz is made for small and growing businesses – It combines the cutting-edge cyber security technologies they need into one and re-engineers it to fit the evolving needs of today’s small businesses whether they are in healthcare, law, IT, transportation, manufacturing or any other sector.
It delivers it all through an intuitive interface anyone can easily deploy and master in minutes, eliminating the burden of managing multiple security solutions as well as the hurdles to
getting cyber insurance.

All in one Cyber protection

Tailored cyber insurance coverage

Easy to Use and get Started

Affordable subscription plan

A game changer that instantly creates satisfied clients

Complex, expensive enterprise-level solutions no more – by offering your clients an affordable, all in one, and easy to use cyber protection and insurance solution, you can help level the playing field for small business owners, giving them something they desperately need, and increase your income by doing so. Become your clients’ hero by giving them the protection they seek.

Guardz is the super-cyberpower you need to distinguish yourself from your competition and grow your business. Simply add Guardz to your catalog of offers and reap the benefits of an automated cyber solution from Day 1.

Create a new revenue stream effortlessly

Add a new revenue stream to your business by offering your clients a cyber protection and insurance solution. When your small business client uses Guardz’s Premium Plan, they automatically get the cyber score they need to achieve cyber insurance readiness. Guardz will provide several cyber insurance offers to choose from and you will enjoy a healthy margin.