What’s New in Guardz (Global Security Controls, PSA/Ticketing Integration & more)

At Guardz, we’re always pushing the boundaries in cybersecurity. Our latest features are designed to give MSPs even more power and precision, ensuring top-notch protection for your clients. Dive in and see what’s new!

What’s in Store:

PSA/Ticketing Integration

To streamline workflow management, we’ve built integrations with Autotask PSA and Connectwise Manage systems. This new feature allows issues to be reported directly to a trusted PSA or ticketing platform with no more jumping between clients and tools. Guardz now automates the ticket creation process right into existing workflows.

Global Security Controls

At Guardz, we understand that navigating through setups, configurations, and settings across multiple clients can be a tedious task, which is why our new Global Security Controls give MSP admins the power to seamlessly monitor and manage the status of each control and configure default settings for all clients.

MSI/PKG Agent Deployment

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, we’ve added the option to deploy the Guardz Endpoint Agent via MSI (Windows) and PKG (Mac). This is an alternative to the customary script deployments usually executed via RMM or MDM tools. What’s more, you can use a blend of deployment methods as long as the organization key remains uniform throughout.

MSP Navigation

To facilitate a smoother experience, we’ve improved our admin navigation flows. You’ll find it much easier to add/manage customers and generate/review reports on the top bar of the platform. You can seamlessly switch between customers and into an aggregated view by utilizing the customer toggle at the top left of the web application.

MSP Dashboard

We’ve leveled up the MSP dashboard, prioritizing tasks of the highest importance and streamlining administrator workflows. The newly designed dashboard optimizes the connection to pressing customer and asset-related issues. We’ve also showcased more security intelligence and operational tasks to guarantee that MSPs leverage the full potential of Guardz for their clients and are up-to-date on every looming security threat across their customer landscape.

Coming Soon!

Partner Growth Hub – Empower our MSP partners by centralizing crucial tools and resources for their business growth.

Device Posture Enhancements – discover gaps in the security settings related to disk encryption & native firewalls.

Device Management – delete a device from the endpoint table.

For more information, check out the release notes here. We can’t wait for you to experience the newest updates!


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