What’s New in Guardz – Product Updates ( AI Phishing Simulations, Endpoint Management & more)

We’re excited to present our latest Guardz product updates and improvements, designed to deliver a seamless user experience, empowering our partners to stay ahead of the curve and provide the most robust protection for their clients.

Let’s dive in:

AI-Driven Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulations are valuable for evaluating and educating employees for increased awareness and effective response strategies, preparing them for a potential real-world phishing attack.

As part of the Guardz commitment to holistic phishing protection, we are thrilled to introduce our AI-driven phishing simulations. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, our system is continuously trained and refined to produce highly accurate and realistic simulations. Generative AI enables the on-demand creation of tailored content, customizable for each department, and proficient at encouraging users to click on seemingly trustworthy links. These simulations mimic real-world phishing attacks, redirecting users to a safe and educational landing page.

Streamlined RMM Integration

Effective device security relies on an admin’s ability to efficiently deploy security components to managed devices. Many IT professionals utilize RMM tools, and Guardz has developed a universally compatible integration playbook. We have created simple-to-use scripts that ensure agent deployment in just a few clicks.

This update streamlines agent deployment on devices by introducing a new playbook that features scripts for Mac, and Windows, ensuring compatibility with any RMM tool. Additionally, an Organizational  Key has been developed to uniquely link each device to specific Guardz accounts, which can be found within the portal. The comprehensive playbook provides step-by-step instructions for uploading scripts to the RMM, entering the Org Key, and deploying the agent across all devices seamlessly with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive Endpoint Management

Managing devices on an organizational level can be tricky, so we’ve set out to help map users to their relevant devices and allow for easy linking to the relevant security issues.

Gain clear insights into all endpoints protected by the Guardz agent and the real-time condition of each device with our enhanced endpoint management. This product update lets you view devices throughout an organization, offering crucial data on their health status, key measurements, threat/risk evaluations, and any general issues. This not only strengthens the administration of a company’s antivirus capabilities but also streamlines the process of addressing device-related concerns.

Notify User Remediation (DLP)

Admins frequently lack context or file access when it comes to addressing DLP concerns, often related to externally shared or publicly accessible files. To bridge this gap and facilitate enhanced collaboration, we’ve proudly introduced the “Notify Users” remediation option. This feature allows admins to work hand-in-hand with selected users by sending issue details directly to the employees, ensuring a comprehensive review and informed decision-making process regarding file-sharing permissions.

Remediation Summary

Whether admins choose to perform manual or automated remediations or implement ignore actions, Guardz keeps track of the details that matter. This improvement offers a summarized log of what actions were executed, who performed them, and the precise timing of each action.

Organization Management

In an ever-changing world of compliance and regulations, having control over organizational data has become an essential part of providing security to small businesses.  MSPs now have the ability to effortlessly delete managed accounts from their instance of Guardz, and individual businesses can manually remove their own accounts as needed, in alignment with their unique business requirements. 

We can’t wait for you to experience the newest updates! Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


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