What’s New in Guardz ( Security Control Centre, Prospecting Report Redesign & more)

We’re thrilled to roll out fresh features and enhancements to the Guardz platform. These additions are specifically designed to elevate MSP operations and strengthen cybersecurity measures, offering an advanced toolkit to protect clients against evolving digital threats.

Security Control Center

Our newly introduced Security Control Center gives admins a comprehensive view of every security control available and their current status. The consolidated view of security controls reflects the Guardz holistic approach of removing the silos of the security stack and optimizing the MSP’s experience of onboarding and managing their clients. The setup of unactivated controls has been streamlined to a few simple clicks, and the control settings become conveniently accessible from a single page. Find this new interface in the left-hand navigation (shield icon) below the homepage.

Prospecting Report Redesign 

We are proud to introduce our refreshed and redesigned Prospecting Report, also known as the Risk Assessment Report. Many of you have effectively utilized this tool to illustrate the value of a secure digital environment, offer actionable insight on improving client security postures, and demonstrate why Guardz is an essential tool for your prospective clients.

We’ve gathered some great feedback from our partners about how we can make this report even better. Based on these suggestions, the report has transformed from a concise single-page overview to an elaborate multi-page risk assessment. The new design aims to provide easy-to-follow navigation through existing and potential vulnerabilities while helping MSPs educate their customers based on real threats. 

Campaign Scheduling 

You now have the ability to plan your security awareness and phishing campaigns based on your business needs and adherence to compliance regulations. Admins now have the ability to schedule campaigns, whether it is for an entire year, the next quarter, or just for the following week. Consequently, users are only assigned and alerted at the scheduled times to suit their business needs.

New Awareness Content 

At Guardz, we’re committed to fostering a safety and security-based employee culture. This commitment is reflected in our continual deployment of fresh Security Awareness Training content, including interactive videos lasting between 1-3 minutes. We aim to keep our content current and engaging with new subjects, including ransomware, common scams, compliance, finances, and more. By adding more languages, such as French, to our content, we’re broadening our reach to organizations across diverse geographic regions.

Employee Experience Localization

As the Guardz customer base broadens across diverse geographical regions, we’ve leveled up our end-user experience by adding localization features. The user portal, where employees receive awareness training and can review their quarantined emails, now offers language preference, enabling a more personalized user experience.

We can’t wait for you to experience the newest updates! Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


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